Playground Markings for
Lasting Impressions

EduMarking create playground markings which are perfect for primary schools. We can assist your school in transforming spaces to spark curiosity for learning, creativity and imagination. Inspire fitness through children’s imagination with a range of playground markings that challenge and develop key skills at every opportunity.

Our markings:

Create a great first impression

Brighten up your school playground

Are vibrant and colourful 

Transform playground into a learning space

Improve literacy, numeracy and physical activity of the children

We provide:

Long lasting thermoplastic material

Safety – nonslip

An experienced team, who have installed in over 10,000 schools in UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Korea and Vietnam

Marking services Australia wide

Our Services

Durable & Lasting

Our Thermoplastic Playground Markings are durable and last for many years while making a vibrant impression. Learn how it can work for you.

Playground Designs

Our playground designs are limitless. Take a look at some of our designs and let them spark your imagination for your next playground surface.

Playground Games

From classic playground games like four square and hopscotch to games that bring the classroom outside. Learn more about our games and what is possible.

Playground Games For Limitless Learning

Our playground learning experiences use specific designs to create higher performing kids through:

  • Inspiring Educational Fun – take the classroom outside with maps and number tables so kids can learn while at play

  • Advocating Physical Fitness – courts for tennis, basketball, net ball and more encourage kids to stay fit with activities they enjoy

  • Driving Creativity – our designs inspire kids to make up their own games and rules using their imaginations

  • Teaching Teamwork – kids learn to collaborate with one another by playing games

  • Developing Social Skills – playground interactions between kids help them learn valuable interpersonal skills they’ll need throughout life

These skills are all part of building up and inspiring children. Through interactive play, they become stronger, healthier, and well-rounded students. All this leads to more confidence in their everyday life, which they carry with them as they grow.


Our designs help make your playground a learning destination, so students remain engaged in learning outside the classroom while at play. Our designs and playground markings can help you stand out and attract families while providing a safe and interactive environment for students.

We will work with you to create the right playground environment and experience. In fact, we can create custom designs to tailor the learning experience around your requirements.


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Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 10.13.12

Glebe Public School

Before and After shots of our playground! Doesn’t it look amazing!!
Thank you to@tanya_plibersek

for the grant that allowed this wonderful project!

@EduMarking it looks great!





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