What guarantee is there on Edumarking thermoplastic markings?

Edumarking is a durable thermoplastic marking and comes with a 6-year guarantee, provided that the surface on which it is applied is even and dry.

In how many colours does Edumarking come?

Edumarking creative markings come in 14 standard colours. Other colours can also be supplied for bespoke designs.

Are there any limits to which patterns the creative markings can be supplied in?

There are very few limitations to the patterns we can produce in.

How are the flexible and colourful markings maintained?

Cleaning is generally carried out using a high-pressure cleaner, but cleaning agents can also be used.

On what kind of surfaces can Edumarking markings be laid?

Edumarking can be laid on many types of surfaces, including asphalt, concrete, pavers etc. The use of a primer is necessary in non-bituminous surfaces, and is recommended on old and worn asphalt.

Do you install markings?

Yes. Edumarking have a dedicated installation team who have teams traveling nationwide carrying out installs throughout the year.

Can you do individual designs?

Nearly all bespoke designs will be something which we can help you with. We can offer individual patterns, logos, images and even colours which are unique to your design.

Can markings be installed in the rain?

No. Any moisture which is underneath the markings when they are put down will cause problems with the markings peeling up in the future.

How long does it take for you to install my order?

We can install your during normal school hours with minimal disruption to the students. The lead time from ordering to installation is usually 2-3 weeks.

Do you offer training?

At Edumarking we offer an intensive training course in the installation and handling of the thermoplastic materials. The nature of the thermoplastic markings means that once the installation has been completed it is a very timely and expensive procedure to remove the markings even resulting sometimes in a completely new playground surface having to be installed. So it is vital that all installers know how to handle and manipulate this material. Our intensive training course will take two days and will be at one of our live jobs with our highly experienced trainer.

Will it stay colourful?

Yes, it has a high UV resistance which means it will stay vibrant for many years.

Will it harm the environment

The material contains pigments which are organic and contain no heavy metals or other likewise substances. The material emits no environmentally harmful substances during or after installing the designs.

Paint v Thermoplastic

Paint is a cheaper product; colourful designs can be achieved by using available stencils. If the playground markings are to be changed around frequently, then paint products are a cheaper and more logical option.


Thermoplastic, on the other hand, is a durable and long lasting product (up to 10 times longer) that doesn’t fade like paint therefore saving money over a long period. The colourful designs available in thermoplastic are engaging for the pupils and help stimulate interactive play. Other benefits include:

Flexibility – Curving shapes and extra detail is possible

Non-toxic – contains no lead or chromates

Quick installation – limited traffic management and can be installed during normal school hours

High skid and slip resistance.