For creative play & learning

Our colourful and vibrant playground markings offer a variety of interactive and engaging games as well as educational designs that allow you to take the classroom outside and continue student learning, even at recess.

Our playground games are designed to foster creativity and inspire free play. From games such as hopscotch and foursquare to our other activity based markings we enable kids to create their own games, set up their own rules and have fun. All of which are building blocks for children to build resilience by developing conflict resolutions and social skills.



Nothing creates social and conflict resolution skills better than fun and engaging games. We create lasting and safe games including four square, bullseye, mazes, hopscotch, Twister, Snakes and Ladders, and more! Or, let kids make up their own games and rules – unlocking their own creativity and imagination.


Education & outdoor classroom

Bring the classroom outside. With a variety of educational markings, we can create maps, alphabets, sight words, addition tables, multiplication tables, solar system models and more. While kids are at play, they can continue to learn and absorb valuable information that help them succeed.


Physical Fitness

Recess is also a great time for kids to increase their physical fitness in fun and new ways. We have designs for running tracks, basketball courts, tennis, long jump, and more. We inspire children’s fitness through their imagination with a wide range of designs that challenge and develop key skills at every opportunity.

Playground games and rules.

Let students explore worlds of different games available. From standard classic games like hopscotch and four-square to educational playground games. Students can follow established rules, or use their imagination to create their own. The playground can be a limitless world of adventure.

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